Abolition Imagination Sessions

We hold monthly, one-hour long sessions to imagine and connect about a world without prisons and state violence. The criminal legal system reduced our definition of justice to one idea--punishment. We see this way of thinking about justice everywhere -- on tv, in our personal lives, in the way we parent, and more. Many of us struggle to know other responses to harm besides demanding punishment. This way of thinking spreads so far into our relationships and homes that it robs us daily of our creativity and imagination. We have the collective capacity to imagine and create a world that responds to harm in ways that are healing and do not cause further harm.

Sometimes we have hosts who have been organizing in this work to guide us through an idea and other sessions we center on a particular question that we can also talk through collectively. Our goal is to provide a space to build understanding, practice, and community for the two-part process of abolition: (1) getting rid of our current system and (2) building a new system that values life. This one-hour long, semi-structured group will be open to current members, new potential volunteers, and anyone who is abolition curious.

Examples of past abolition imagination sessions include:

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For more information on abolition imagination sessions, please email: imagination@reclaimjusticemovement.org

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