Military Sexual Harm

We have active research and advocacy projects within our own military and veteran communities to understand and imagine healing responses to sexual harm. Addressing interpersonal violence within a violent institution like the military is a challenge. Yet, we see and value the diverse individuals that make up our military and the need to provide them relief now. Individuals with less power continue to be scapegoated, or blamed, for cultural, structural, and institutional issues. Report after report tells us that the criminal-legal way of dealing with sexual violence does not work and also disproportionately punishes black and brown individuals. It does not work in civilian or military communities. Survivors describe feeling not happy and even harmed by the criminal process as they feel attacked and questioned. Our communities are no safer than before. We want a completely different system that does not force people to attack one another and instead puts Survivors' needs as most important.

RJM hosted a panel discussing the issues with our current way of doing things and the potential for change from a moral injury perspective. Watch the hour-long panel here.

We also continue to advocate for programs and responses that reduce the use of punishment and increase options for victims. We proposed one version of Restorative Justice program here.

For more information on military sexual violence efforts, please email:

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